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Hi, I am Deepak and I am a lover of law of attraction, mind science, spirituality, affirmations, mantras, meditation, and all of that good stuff.

My intention with this podcast is to be uplifting, appreciative, and to share some of the lessons I am learning as a student of metaphysics. I am also a student of recording & editing audio and I expect to get better with time and practice. All of my episodes are currently hosted on Google Drive and you can download or stream them at your convenience.

Current Schedule: Pod will be created & uploaded whenever I feel inspired until I get to the point of recording regular ones.


(Update 9/23/20: You can find all new audio episodes on my youtube page and subscribe there to stay updated when new content is released. My audio show is currently not on any podcasting platforms.)


Deepak talks about loa basics, clutter clearing, and going to Phoenix. (Yes, I ended up hiring an audio engineer to edit this mp3 file! So the sound should be much better.)


Deepak talks about Abraham-Hicks, The Vortex, and The Emotional Guidance Scale.


Deepak talks about Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks, and clutter clearing for clarity.


Deepak talks about Law of Attraction and Emotional Regulation.


Deepak talks about increasing his meditation time, a few manifestations, and some beliefs he is changing within himself.


Deepak talks about his new microphone headset, old mics he’s had, and the idea of “getting into the vortex” simplified by using Abraham-Hick’s emotional guidance scale.


Deepak talks about Law of Attraction.


Deepak talks about getting zoned up.


Deepak talks about things that he appreciates.


Deepak talks about contrast and immediate manifestation (of kefir).


Deepak talks about energy work and Twin Hearts Meditation.


Deepak talks about many of the positives he is noticing from this current environment.


Deepak talks about W. Clement Stone, the benefits of years of self-development and positive mind work, and only accepting positive suggestions.


Deepak talks about making time for all parts of life (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and especially for exercise, aka body zoning.


Deepak talks about W. Clement Stone, Abraham-Hicks, Napoleon Hill, Paramhansa Yogananda, self-suggestion, subconscious mind, and things like that. Ain’t nothing to it but to do it!


Deepak talks about releasing resistance on fast desires. Following your passion.


Deepak talks about The Last Dance and Abraham-Hicks.


Deepak talks about happily circulating his money buying fun things. This is def the best yet.


Deepak talks about law of attraction fundamentals, the art of waiting expectantly, and various sun energy gadgets he has manifested.


Deepak talks about MJ in The Last Dance, Law of Attraction, and Asking the right way.


Deepak talks about cultivating a low threshold for negative emotion, focusing, and Abraham-Hicks.


Deepak talks about The Last Dance, being selfish, and law of attraction.


Deepak talks about jury duty, feeling rich in Stardew Valley, and giving & receiving.


Deepak talks about doorstep milk delivery, the various games he has played in his life, and now loving the game Stardew Valley a lot! Life is great and getting better and better every single day.


Deepak talks about the benefits of self-expression, curbside gyro pickup!, and making his own affirmation mp3s with his favorite songs in the background! Best idea ever. Best life ever.


Deepak talks about making ramen with homemade chicken broth, rediscovering the benefits of EFT, and how life is the best it has ever been.


Deepak talks about people who focus on wanted truths, Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich delivery, and allowing money easily into his life.


Deepak talks about law of attraction, how he is now putting all his efforts on allowing lots of money, and the time he made a lot of money in the stock market during the last time the world was fearful.


Deepak talks about law of attraction, deliberately creating during these contrast-filled times, and homemade electrolyte water.


Deepak talks about law of attraction, counting the macros of his food, and things that make him happy.


  • Recording Equipment: iPhone using lossless Voice Memo and now a Gaming Headset
  • Audio Editing Software: Audacity
  • Background Song: “8 Year Anniversary” by Diamond Ortiz via YouTube Audio Library.
  • Hosting: Google Drive